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Egger Unicolour MFC

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If you're looking for a high-quality decorative board that won't break the bank, Egger is the perfect choice. Egger chipboard is the standard board for furniture and interior design, and is enhanced with a decorative melamine resin coating to give you the look and feel of veneers at a fraction of the price.

Egger's Decorative Collection of MFC boards offers the latest trend-oriented decors, providing a wide range of possibilities for furniture and interior design. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern look or something more traditional, Egger has you covered. So why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Egger and give your home or office the makeover it deserves.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2800 × 2070 mm



Egger Unicolour MFC


W980 Platinum White ST2, W980 Platinum White SM, U104 Alabaster White ST9, U108 Vanilla Yellow ST9, U156 Sand Beige ST9, U222 Crema Beige ST9, U708 Light Grey ST9, U732 Dust Grey ST9, U750 Taupe Grey ST9, W1000 Premium White ST9, W1100 Alpine White ST9, W1200 Porcelain White ST9, W1300 Glacier White ST9, U100 Mussel ST9, U201 Pebble Grey ST9, U507 Smoke Blue ST9, U540 Denim Blue ST9, U599 Indigo Blue ST9, U636 Fjord Green ST9, U702 Cashmere Grey ST9, U717 Dakar Grey ST9, U727 Stone Grey ST9, U741 Lava Grey ST9, U763 Pearl Grey ST9, U775 White Grey ST9, U780 Monument Grey ST9, U899 Soft Black ST9, U960 Onyx Grey ST9, U961 Graphite Grey ST2, U968 Carbon Grey ST9, U999 Black ST2, W1000 Premium White ST19, U201 Pebble Grey ST19, U599 Indigo Blue ST19, U636 Fjord Green ST19, U702 Cashmere Grey ST19, U708 Light Grey ST19, U727 Stone Grey ST19, U732 Dust Grey ST19, U750 Taupe Grey ST19, U775 White Grey AT19, U960 Onyx Grey ST19, U961 Graphite Grey ST19, U999 Black ST19, W1000 Premium White ST30, U702 Cashmere Grey ST29, U708 Light Grey ST27, W1000 Premium White ST38, U998 Shadow Black ST38, U702 Cashmere Grey PG, U708 Light Grey PG, U727 Stone Grey PG, U732 Dust Grey PG, U961 Graphite Grey PG, U999 Black PG, W1000 Premium White PG, W1100 Alpine White PG, U323 Chilli Red PG, U599 Indigo Blue PM, U702 Cashmere Grey PM, U708 Light Grey PM, U727 Stone Grey PM, U732 Dust Grey PM, U961 Graphite Grey PM, U999 Black PM, W1000 Premium White PM, W1100 Alpine White PM



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